Home Learners - Yumm Honey Extraction

Date:  19-Sep-2018

Home Learners Honeybee Club

Explore the amazing world of the Honeybee! Each workshop introduces you to a honeybee topic and helps children explore it. You will enjoy demonstrations, group explorations, hands on activities and take home projects.

September 19 - Yumm! Honey Extraction
Wednesday September 20th 1:00 - 2:30pm

Learn about how honey is made, where honey comes from and how we get it out!  Watch an extraction demonstration, taste honey from the frame.
Activity: Pour your own jar of honey to take home

Program Objectives:

To introduce the amazing world of honeybees through hands on activities and explorations
To showcase the relationship between humans and honeybees
To feature the honeybee as an integral species in our food web
To explore the honeybee and other pollinators as a keystone species in Earth's ecosystem

Recommended level: K-7

September 19th class is fully booked
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