Home Learners - Beautiful Beeswax (November 6)

Date:  06-Nov-2019

Home Learners Honeybee Club

Beautiful Beeswax

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Explore the amazing world of the Honeybee! Each workshop introduces you to a honeybee topic and helps children explore it. You will enjoy demonstrations, group explorations, hands on activities and take home projects.

November 6th - Beautiful Beeswax
Wednesday November 6th,  1:00 - 2:30pm

$20+tax per child

Flowers, nectar, pollen, honey & beeswax. All of these things are part of a honeybee’s daily life. BUT, what exactly is beeswax? Where does it come from, how do we harvest it and what can we use it for? Come learn a few fascinating facts about beeswax! Children will roll and pour a candle.

Program Objectives:

To introduce the amazing world of honeybees through hands on activities and explorations
To showcase the relationship between humans and honeybees
To feature the honeybee as an integral species in our food web
To explore the honeybee and other pollinators as a keystone species in Earth's ecosystem

Recommended ages: 6-10

For questions, call Honeybee Centre 604-575-2337 or email Cassie at: cassie@honeybeecentre.com

*Please pre-register. Program is based on a minimum of 8 participants. Registrants will be informed one week prior if we don’t meet minimum registration.

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