Spring Break Bee Class - March 17

Date:  17-Mar-2020

Spring Break Bee Class

Tuesday, March 17th

1:00pm - 2:30pm

Honeybee Centre has a fun and interactive Honeybee Classroom and educational program. Our program includes education about bees, beekeeping, pollination & environmental stewardship, interactive activities to accompany each lesson, a take-home, bee-friendly, wildflower seedling craft and candle rolling included in our Spring Break Bee Class!


Bring the amazing world of the honeybees to the forefront of education through hands on activities and explorations.

Showcase the relationship between humans and honeybees.

Feature the honeybee as an integral species in our food web.

Explore the honeybee and other pollinators as a keystone species in Earth's ecosystem.

Our program will educate on four main topics:

All About Bees



Civic Duty

Using interactive ‘stations’, guest have a chance to learn, explore and experience the lessons using all of their senses!

different types of honey

Touch displays

See the lesson come alive in the form of real beekeeping props, interactive displays and colourful posters

Listen to lessons not only from our guide but also to the reactions and observations from their peers while interacting with different educational activities!

Smell other bee products like bee pollen, beeswax and propolis


*registration includes 50% off Kids Meals in our Beestro on the day of your program.

Spring break programs are intended for children to attend with an adult.  The suggested age is 5+, however we recognize that parents know their children best.  Younger children are welcome, but may require more support from their adult.  Please email questions to cassie@honeybeecentre.com

  • Child + Guardian:   $20
  • Additional Child:   $8
  • Additional Guardian:   $8
  • :   $


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